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As Seniors move towards and through retirement, it's important to be sure loved ones are protected. Life insurance is not a pleasant topic; no one likes to think about death. But protecting loved ones' financial futures brings an undeniable peace of mind.

It's important to make sure insurance coverage is complete and current. Many people have no coverage at all - or had coverage that has expired. Others have policies that are provided by employers and little else. But there are opportunities to provide additional coverage and further safeguard the futures of loved ones left behind.

It's never too late to add coverage. It's a common misconception among Seniors that, at or beyond retirement age, insurance companies are unwilling to provide coverage. The feeling is that "they'll think I'm too risky to insure." Further, many seniors are concerned that if they are able to get coverage, it would be too costly.

The truth is there are plenty of options available for new - or additional - coverage. Many companies even offer policies that can actually be purchased online with no required physical exam! Talk about convenient. The point is, like with any important purchase, to talk with peers whose opinion you respect, do research, shop around and make an informed decision.

Think of life insurance as a gift to loved ones. Protection comes in many forms; all of which help ease the financial burden associated with the emotional distress of death.

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