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As the name clearly states, Whole Life Insurance remains in force (so long as premium payments are made) for the insured's entire life. Whole Life actually was developed as an insurance option after people with Term Life coverage discovered they were outliving their coverage term, leaving them with nothing for all the years of premium payments.

Relax, you're covered. Unlike Term Life policies that expire at a predetermined time in the future, your Whole Life policy lives as long as you do. There's no worrying over outliving your coverage.

There are several different types of Whole Life Insurance, each with its own specifics and requirements. Different states have different types, as well, so it's important to become familiar with the Whole Life Insurance opportunities available in your state.

Generally speaking, however, premium payments are made throughout the life of the policy. In some cases, insurance companies will allow pre-payment, even up to completion ("paid up").

Cash values of Whole Life policies are sometimes also available to the owner as investment capital and/or loan collateral. Of course, death benefits to survivors are reduced by any outstanding loan balances in the event the insured dies.